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Candle of the Month Club

Our Candle of the Month Club is an incredible opportunity to receive the newest fragrances of our Cleaner Burning Gourmet Candles delivered right to your door very single month of the year!  If you generally purchase multiple candles every month from your local store either to burn and enjoy for yourself and family or to have on hand to give as gifts, you won't want to pass up the chance to become a Candle of the Month member.  Depending on the amount you currently set aside for your candle budget, being a Club member could save you time, gas and money!

Ready to join? Click HERE for all the details or to become a Candle of the Month Member now!

Now, if the idea of getting new candles every month isn't enough all on its own, imagine getting the candles for "FREE" when you decide to Start Your Very Own Home Based Business!

As a Candle of the Month Club member, all products are made available to you at wholesale prices to either purchase for your own consumption or to sell to others as an Independent Distributor like me!  Club Membership includes a company website so you too can start and operate Your OWN Gourmet Candle Business with the fastest growing and most supportive candle company you will find!

Want more information about the Business Opportunity?

There are many ways to earn an income as an Independent Distributor for the company, so if you are interested in making a little extra money part time or looking to change careers and make some serious money full time, you will want to visit the links below...

What if you could be at the right place at the right time?  Find out what Industry Sources are Saying about "Natural Wax" candles right HERE...

Want to know how many ways you can Retail our products for your own business? Click HERE for more information...

Interested in earning an income by Fundraising with our products?  The details HERE will help you decide...

Ever heard of Residual Income?  See HERE why you want to know what it is and how you can get in on the opportunity for yourself... 

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Contact:  Lori Olson
Toll Free Phone:  1-888-90-CANDLE

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